About Erik Bergman


I’m Erik Bergman. Working as Chief Architect for EVRY in Halmstad.

I’ve been using computers (Commodore 64) since 1983 when I was 5 years old.
I sold my first software written in C in 8th grade and I’ve always been interested in computers and software.

I started working professionally with IT in 1999, but I have almost always had some sort of private development project.

I’m a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Certified Novell Engineer, but that was a long time ago.

During my career, I’ve been IT consultant, Systems Developer, Systems Development Consultant Manager, Systems Development Manager and Software Architect.

I’ve had the pleasure to a write code in a few languages; X86 assembly, Basic (For DOS, Ericsson ABC80/ABC800, CP/M+), C, C++, Pascal, C#, VB.NET, Smalltalk, VBScript, JavaScript, T-SQL and PHP (but not very much PHP though).

I also enjoy working with databases. Designing them based on their main use. Relational / SQL databases, document databases, hybrids between the two and I’ve started looking into Graph databases but I still have much to learn.

I started with .NET in 2000 trying out some console program samples in the beta, but at the time, I was more like “C# can’t compete with C++ and VB.NET is a silly attempt that prevent VB developers from learning how to code for real.”. Of course I was wrong, that was about 16 years ago and today I really love coding C#.

I enjoy good architecture, clean code, high performing code and I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others.

Mail me: erik at erikbergman.net or have a look at my LinkedIn profile